Märkisches Viertel

For its 50th birthday of Märkisches Viertel, Gesobau launched a pitch to create a new identity for the district, which is located in the north of Berlin.


Concept, Logodesign, Brand Design, Illustration, Art Direction






Red Dot Design Award

DDC Gold

IF Design Award

The dynamic logo is as colorful and diverse as the people who live in Märkisches Viertel. A logo so simple and adaptive that each of the 35,000 residents can create their own. The simplicity of the main concept allowed for a very free and playful usage of the logo, and it is still being used in new and creative ways today.

Rule Nr. 1: There are no rules

Well, there are almost no rules. But as long as the logomark consists of a circle with the quarter shape on top of it, anything is possible.

The best part of working on this project was to see how people living in the district began to create their own logos, for instance as graffiti or in a cake design competition.

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