German Olympic Sports Confederation

The DOSB, German Olympic Sports Confederation, has 27 million members in Germany. The implementation of the key visual "Ring of Sport" was as much about visual impact as it was about problem solving. It can be used in a variety of ways to unify all members of the confederation, while still leaving room for their own appearance.


Concept, Brand Design, Guidelines, Art Direction






German Design Award Special

One ring to rule them all...

Using the colored O from the DOSB logo as a key visual allowed for a huge variety in creating sublogos for the many organisations that are associated with the DOSB in many different ways. One of the main challenges in the design brief was tackled with one ring.

It started as just a pitch for some ideas for what to do with the key visual on applications and give aways. DOSB actually produced the shirt and had it signed by the German national team - and Dirk Nowitzki himself. 

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