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The Aargauische Pensionskasse (APK)  is a pension institution under public law in the canton of Aargau (German-speaking Switzerland). With this rebranding, APK firmly anchors itself in its region, specifically in the landscape of the Canton of Aargau with its three rivers the Aare, the Reuss and the Limmat, which flow together at the so-called Wasserschloss (“moated castle”).

The logomark depicts the three major Swiss rivers Aare, Reuss and Limmat coming together in Aargau: The water-canton. The flowing element remains at the core of the brand design and results in a visual identity that honors the tradition of the institution and is at the same time forward looking.

The new color system continues the narrative of the Swiss rivers uniting in the canton of Aargau. Additionally the idea of the flowing element was implemented using watercolor elements in combination with people portraits.

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